Happy new year

I’ve been off for a while. But this new year I resolve to be more regular. We all make resolutions every year and some of us keep them while most of us miss them. Yet, we continue to take resolutions.  A thought that came across my kind was that all of us want peace and […]

Unique Art Styles Of India – II

Thinking of the other styles of arts found in India, I couldn’t miss out on the Kalamkari Paintings. Kalamkari paintings are traditional to Andhra Pradesh in South India. The name Kalamkari is  derived from the words”Kalam” meaning pen and “Kari” meaning workmanship. This art has its origin in Andhra Pradesh and was patronised by the […]

Art a stress buster

Any fine art is related directly to the heart.  Drawing and painting is no exception. While stressed doing even a small painting relaxes the mind. A relaxed mind is able to take the right decision. Otherwise our mind keeps going around the problem leading to stress and resulting in wrong decision making. De-stressing in such […]

My Inspiration

Indian art has always enthralled me.  Here’s my attempt of capturing a glimpse of the depth in the art forms of India, in the form of paintings.  The main types of paintings include Madhubani art and tribal art.  I aim to look at more genres soon. Check out the Shop and pick out your favorite […]