Unique Art Styles Of India-IV

Hello friends! I am back after a small break. In continuation of the series- Art Styles Of India, I would like to say a few words on a very simple yet beautiful Art Style called “Rangoli”.  Rangoli is an art form practiced all over India. It has simple designs drawn using rice flour or a special white powder. It is then filled with various colours.  It is extremely popular in South India, where almost every lady is aware of this art form.

The front yard of most houses in the South adorn these Rangolis and Kolams. Kolams are simple designs drawn in free hand or using dots. They normally are done in white powder and sometimes given a border in red colour. On the other hand, Rangolis are always coloured and hence are drawn on special occasions and festivals.

The Rangolis and Kolams are highly creativephoto (3)photo (2)Simple to complicated designs, birds and natural scenes are  captured using coloured powder. Kolams are sometimes done using dots and curves and the final outcome could be anything from a simple design to hanging lamps, chariots,  birds and more.





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